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From our user feedback we know that, through adoption of the MyPrivate software, they deepen their understanding of matters important to family management.

MyPrivate is designed to empower you to make better and faster decisions, regardless if it concerns finance, personal development, protection of the family or social responsibility. 



We get this question very often, and it is a very relevant one.

As a rule of thumbs, you should count a couple of weeks to work comfortably with MyPrivate.

MyPrivate covers a very broad range of family matters, and offers 30modules with more than 300 forms to manage topics that by itself can be quite complex.

We therefore recommend you to familiarise yourself with the software through the free trial license - it will allow you to determine whether the solution is suited for you, and how well it fits into your working environment.



We recommend to use a Windows computer equipped with BitLocker encryption activated for internal and external disks, and Windows Hello biometrics for passwordless login. We also recommend to activate Windows Dynamic Lock, which will automatically lock your work station when your phone is no longer nearby. 

By default, MyPrivate is installed on your local drive, in a folder that is not replicated in the Cloud by Microsoft Onedrive. To protect against data-loss, MyPrivate includes configuration options to provide its own secure backup on external drives. Users that are comfortable with having their data in the Cloud, may choose a OneDrive installation folder and use the built-in Windows backup tools.

Clients that want to migrate to another software platform can at any time export the data through standard SQL tools, or through various built-in functions.

MyPrivate never sends personal data towards external servers, and never shares information with third parties.





Absolutely ! 

The reports allow you to reproduce all the data you have entered over the years in PDF format, mimicking the exact layout as you have used to enter them. You can also create an export, whereby in a single folder all your attached files are exported to. The export is complemented with an indexed Excel file containing hyperlinks allowing you to open the documents directly from there. 

We surely don't want to see you go, but we will help you if you wish to do so. 



MyPrivate supports you with all matters important to the management of the family.

We believe that we offer by far the broadest scope of functionality available on today’s market. There are 28 modules offering support for finance, household, prudential and leisure, with over 300 forms and 350 reports.

Besides transactional support we offer integrated document management, meaning that you can scan papers and link e-documents into MyPrivate for immediate  access and retrieval when needed.

For analytical purposes, we offer deep insights in your data through predefined analytics.


MyPrivate was developed from the start on with the international community in mind.

Currently, we offer full support for the English, German and French communities.

Users can choose from US and metric measurement systems.

MyPrivate supports all currencies and is connected to the world’s major stock, currency and commodity markets.

Online bill payment is supported in Switzerland (ESR/DTA and Swiss SEPA/ISO20022), in the European Community (SEPA/ISO20022), in the United Kingdom (BACS) and in the United States (CSV export).


When you process an invoice, you will either attach an existing PDF, or scan the paper document. In both cases, MyPrivate is able to identify the ESR/BVR code line or QR code automatically - there is no need for a separate optical reader.

Once identified, MyPrivate will populate the invoice record with the available fields, such as reference number, amount, and various others.



Before you buy, you can download and try a free evaluation copy of MyPrivate Family Office.

The license for MyPrivate Family Office software is proposed at the price of CHF. 350.-, including 12 months of maintenance (software updates + support by e-mail).

At the end of the 12-month period, the user can renew the maintenance at any time for a new 12-month period at the price of CHF. 100.00.

It is possible to skip one or several updates and upgrade at a lesser frequency. However, to be eligible for free e-mail support, you need to upgrade to the latest release first.

Licenses are granted on a per seat basis, and can be used on a single computer only.  The license can be transferred to another computer at no cost.


MyPrivate runs on Windows 11, with a valid subscription for Office 365, version Family or Personal, 64-bit only. 

For an optimal user experience, we recommend:

  • a computer with at least 8 GB of RAM, and 250 GB SSD
  • use of the standard Windows security tools (Windows Defender and Windows Firewall)

To replicate the data to other workstations, SQL Server (Express) needs to be installed.


In order to scan paper documents into MyPrivate you will need a high-quality WIA-compatible scanner.

For backing and replicating up the MyPrivate data we recommend a NAS with encryption capabilities. If you do not plan to replicate the data to a secondary computer, you can use regular USB disks with Bitlocker activation instead.

Swiss customers, can process their ESR/BVR slips as well as the new QR-bill without additional reader.





The format of a MyPrivate release executable is as follows: MyPrivate365_XXX_YYYYY.accde where XXX stands for the version of Office (x32 or  X64) and YYYYY stands for the build number (e.g. 60120).

If an installed update does not work correctly, you can simply navigate to the folder where you have installed MyPrivate and delete the latest version that has been downloaded.

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