More than just an accounting tool, MyPrivate is a global solution for the administrative management of all aspects of your personal and family life.

Simple to use, this unique software makes it easier to manage the entire household, from health records to tracking all of your assets.

Saving time and money are clearly the main advantages of this software. Offering an overview of your inventory and assets, MyPrivate also allows you to free your mind of any administrative worries, thereby contributing to your day-to-day well-being.

More in detail:

paiements 80   Single payment portal for all your accounts

MyPrivate provides the capability to centrally manage your payments for all your bank relations in Switzerland, the European Union and in the United Kingdom: it provides an instantaneous overview of your consolidated account status, eliminating the need to consult individual bank portals.

Registered invoices and spend is allocated in their appropriate categories, and remains available in your database for analysis and audit purposes with no time limit.


archivage numerique 80   Digital Archiving and Saving Space

No need for binders, no more loose pages flying around! With MyPrivate, all documents are digitally scanned and filed in one place. Once scanned, each file is saved its corresponding section, remaining accessible and easy to find - even years later. It can be viewed at any time and printed with one click.

Vaccination dates, insurance fees, mortgage rates, purchase of a collector's item, all necessary information stays at your fingertips.


organisation vision 80   Organisation and Overview

Every type of information is registered in the right place. This simple and efficient organisation allows you to keep an overview of the different aspects of your life, for example health, insurance, banking and real estate, but also your wine cellar, vehicles and pets.

The financial data of each section is consolidated into the finance module which offers a global overview at all times.


gains financiers 80   Financial Gains

Saving all your documents in the same place allows you to analyse them at a glance, and avoid duplication of insurance coverage or duplicate bill payments. You improve the control over your spend.

When it's time to pay your taxes or to review your insurance policies, you can easily find all the information you need to complete your return or adjust your contracts.


histoire de vie 80   Family History

Finding back the date of a medical operation or the purchase of a valuable object years later is often complex. MyPrivate allows you to keep a record of all your life events, even if they may seem of little significance at the time of occurrence.

When needed, for example case of an inheritance, all this information can easily be passed on to third parties, doctors, asset managers or lawyers.

You no longer need to waste your time on paperwork with MyPrivate; enjoy instead quality time with your family and realise your dreams in full!


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