MyPrivate is an integrated management software. User-friendly and simple to use, it helps managing almost all the information of a household.  

 MyPrivate is the ideal solution to manage and organise your personal data:

  • Easy to use - MyPrivate has been developed for home users and not for IT professionals
  • Minimul setup required - Quick creation of basic data using a wizard
  • No closing - Financial data can be entered at any time for any past year. MyPrivate will automatically recalculate and update the figures
  • Can be used in any currency chosen by the user (EUR, CHF or any other currency)
  • Fun and convenient - in addition to financial information, MyPrivate allows you to keep track of various information such as your holidays, hobbies, recipes, sporting activities, etc.


  • Multilingual (EN/FR/DE)
  • Multi-currency
  • Financial data provided by Yahoo! Finance (Exchange rates, securities)
  • Downloadable maps provided by Bing
  • Collections (books, DVD's, CD's) provided by Amazon/AWS

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