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MyPrivate is a global solution covering all aspects of your personal and family life, regardless of its complexity or size.

The software package is easy to use and provides in-depth coverage along financial, prudential, leisure and operational themes.

The software runs on-premise, on your PC and your data will not be stored in the Cloud.

High Net-Worth Families will find support for priority topics such as inter-generational transition, risk management, collectibles and much more.

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Easy to use

Does not require any specific knowledge and does not require any closing at the end of the period


Multi-languages (FR-EN-DE) - Multi-currencies - E-banking - Analytics covering all areas

Financial data

Automatic update of 33 major currencies, 5 cryptocurrencies and connection on 49 exchanges for rate retrieval

Automatic archiving

Retrieve and store documents from a scanner, Outlook or mobile phone

Single payment portal for all your accounts

MyPrivate provides the capability to centrally manage your payments for all your bank relations in Switzerland, the European Union and in the United Kingdom.

It provides an instantaneous overview of your consolidated account status, eliminating the need to consult individual bank portals.

Registered invoices and spend is allocated in their appropriate categories, and remains available in your database for analysis and audit purposes with no time limit.


Get a grip on all matters important to the family

Insurance coverage, financial & tax planning, personal development needs, health or retirement planning.

All these themes are covered in depth by the 28 modules in MyPrivate Family Office


Family History

Finding back the date of a medical operation or the purchase of a valuable object years later is often complex.

MyPrivate allows you to keep a record of all your life events, even if they may seem of little significance at the time of occurrence.

When needed, for example in case of an inheritance, all this information can easily be passed on to third parties, doctors, asset managers or lawyers.

With MyPrivate you no longer need to waste your time on paperwork; instead enjoy quality time with your family and realise your dreams in full! 




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