Price per user

The software is offered for a one-time license fee and includes 1 year updates and support. 
We recommend to extend maintenance and support after expiration of the first year, but this is not mandatory. 




Here are more reasons to love MyPrivate and use it

No need to buy an optical reader

For our Swiss customers, the purchase of an optical reader for entering Swiss QR invoices (CHF. 250.00) is no longer necessary

Documents at your fingertips

Invoices, contracts, maintenance reports, account statements, tax filings and more are stored in the right place, all easily accessible at any time

Access the stock markets

Download of exchange rates, stock prices for most stock markets and cryptocurrencies (value approx. $ 25.00 per month) is included in the software

Reduce advisory fees

The software helps you to structure the preparation of consultations and provides various reports and analyzes facilitating the engagement and thus reducing the work of your advisers



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