In this video we will share a variety of ways to facilitate the acquisition of external images and documents, helping you to go paperless as much as possible.
A short overview of MyPrivate, including recurring administrative processes, and family improvement projects.
The value proposition of MyPrivate is founded on 4 promises, that we share in this short video.
We have crafted a consistent and pleasant user interface for you, making navigation across the 30 modules an easy and intuitive experience.


In the Family module you can keep track of family and close relatives, register income from salaries, and spend related to an individual household member.
In the health module you will be able to manage both financial and medical aspects of your health. Over time, you will constitute a highly valuable file containing your full medical history.
The Residence module allows you to manage your properties and track its Total Cost of Ownership, and keep a register of all important documents.
The Tenants module streamlines the administrative rental process and provides detailed insight into rental income status as well as the profitability of your properties.
MyPrivate helps the Family with a structured approach towards onboarding, management, payment and compliance of household personnel.


The Insurance module allows you to create comprehensive and appropriate insurance coverage at optimal cost, and prevent duplicate coverage. You can also track claims and anticipate premiums to be paid over a twelve-month period.
The legal module provides you with a structured repository for all the legal cases you may encounter over the years, with a streamlined workflow to work towards resolution when needed.
Continuous learning has become an integral and mandatory part of everyone’s life. The Talent module offers a structured approach towards discovering, managing and improving all major aspects of personal and family life.


The portfolio module helps you keep close track of your investments in stocks, bonds, commodities and funds.
The Budget module provides a robust and simple approach to financial planning, hence safeguarding the Family’s net worth and ensuring adequate liquidity.
With the Mortgages module you have an up-to-date and accurate view on all your mortgages, as well as on important dates such as interest rate reviews.
The Tax module gives you an overview at any time of tax payable, advance payments made, deductions, credits and the balance due. It can be managed across several jurisdictions and in several currencies.
We provide you high-quality, innovative financial statements - without the associated tedious work of entering journal entries. Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and a powerful set of Household Ratios are instantly available when needed.
We offer a seamless workflow for processing, posting and executing payments, ensuring you will benefit from a substantial time gain, and clean, high-quality data.


Collectibles are unique, and often expensive pieces. We help you to prepare them for a professional taxonomy and assessment, enable execution of independent benchmarks, and generate the required reports for the insurance, tax authorities, and your will.



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