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Henk de Wolde, Joao Serra, Heinz Schüpbach, Valérie Schüpbach

Based in Cossonay-Ville, in the canton of Vaud, the company MDF-BIS S.A. was founded in 2001.

MyPrivate was initially created to meet the personal needs of the company founders and was not intended to be marketed.

Indeed, despite the multitude of solutions available on the market none allowed to carry out all the desired tasks, such as 

  • Recording and paying household bills
  • Viewing financial statements and assets
  • Keeping personal information on subjects as varied as travel, health, household inventory, etc.
  • Scanning the documents and finishing with the bulky workbooks

Encouraged by our entourage it was decided to propose MyPrivate for sale.

Our first customers' positive remarks and requests for extension have allowed MyPrivate to develop over time. Today we are proud to propose a program composed of 27 modules which can store and manage information as varied as the wine cellar, a collection of books or the dog's last vaccination !

We will be happy to answer any request or question, do not hesitate to contact us


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